Other Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Prawn cutlets Prawn with honey dew melon Japanese style steamed egg
Kabayaki Chicken spring roll Mackerel
Tempura Egg-plant Squid Miss Shiru
Deep fried bean curd Sushi, etc
Thai Cuisine
Spicy sweet and sour soup Chicken soup with coconut milk Thai style squid salad
Minced beef salad Pork with chilli and herbs Thai style fried vermicelli
Crab fried with curry Seafood with curry Chicken with red curry
Beef with green curry Thai style beef vermicelli soup Thai spring roll, etc
European Cuisine
Baked onion soup American vegetable soup Cream of tomato soup
Hungarian soup Fish chowder Borsch
Ox-tail soup Steak with black pepper sauce Prawn cutlets
Roasted lamb steak, etc
Roasted Cuisine
Roasted duck Roasted sparerib Roasted goose
Roasted suckling pig Barbecued honey pork Roasted pork
Soy sauce chicken Peking roasted duck Roasted chicken liver
Marinade Roasted pig liver, etc.